stop collecting broken people and trying to fix them

that is not your job

It will not work. They MUST do it for themselves.

I realize what I meant
when I said I did not miss you..

One cannot miss a
being they live within..

My everyday is you.
Every action,
thought, laugh, and song
is engulfed with the taste of you.

Of course some tunes ring bad memories with even worse people..

But Baby,
the melodies that speak of dreams & addictions, are you.

When I close my eyes, 332 miles becomes all too real..

It’s easy to say,
“She doesn’t live here..”

But damn..

Shë does not live here..

I mean,
Shë lives here..
Here within my chest..
Shë is in my slumber.. The back of my mind does not consist of time or management, for that matter..

It is made up of Hër lecture of love..
The, “I fucking believe in you. You are destined to be great..” kind.

I spend 20% of our time together, fucking beliefs into you, & the other 80, simply basking in hows and laters.. Like how the fuck & why am I so fucked?

& later I will remember where I am
and why I am, & your lips will
remind me that
I deserve your body
and the curve of your mind..

Excessive lessons of life, lessen my certainty that I am up to par, for you..

Then the room spins and I am surrounded by the truth..

That whether I am now,
or will eventually be..

Right at this moment,
your soulful dignity lies within me..
Vice versa applies here.
Or there..
Or everywhere that we are an us..
Just.. Trust….
Baby, I’ll get there.

And when I do, I’ll be wearing blue & it will be sunny, somewhere..

Just stay, & remind me of why I am in love with you, everyday..

We tend to forget that an unfinished product must not be idleized..

Even though our love is idolized,
it is for us, not thousands to feed off of..

We need to be
completely complete for eachother..

For, I lack stability and a mother..
You lack uneasiness…
I have more than enough
to share..

Just trust & stay..
Feel free to play in my hair..
Just wait..
I’ll get there..

Don’t forget to remind me
why I am in love with you..

It’s not what can be done for me..
But what is specifically designed
for me..

I love you because you were
my daily tea.. Then you turned into some kind of parallel morphine that I honestly do need..

Make it impossible for my mind to fabricate thoughts of anything but you. I’d like that,
considering you are my Muse, Shë, Baby…
I am in love with you..
Remind me why that is..
I fear that I am beginning to forget..
Don’t fear that I am falling out..
No, that is not the case.
I just need to remember
why you are my safe place..
The simple things make my eyes roll back.. Blankets and beaches… Those memories still taste of mangos and peaches.. Let’s bring them back.. I think you’d enjoy that too..

I think you need that..

You need that..

I don’t want you to just be in love with me.. I want you to have constant reminders of why you are..

We are forgetting..
Remember, Baby..

I love you.
I will get better..

Yaz “Truth Is” (via iamup2n0good)
  • normal person: so what do you like to do
  • me: listen to music
  • normal person: oh, thats neat, i like music too
  • me: no you dont understand